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So what comes after school? A job? Yes, but more than that: a job plus Postgraduate Studies. Business owners and managers find that by supporting an employee who is also pursuing a postgraduate course they are investing in a staff member whose IQ and skills are increasing and will yield for the business. The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of the courses available and recommended. You are invited to look through and find a course that links with your future career and prospects. Prior consultation with your employer and parents is encouraged. If you cannot find the right course please ask your local Postgraduate Studies Coordinator (PSC). Please remember that everyone has a talent and everyone can do something.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Students globally are continually proving the value of following the guidance received: to pursue a postgraduate course after completing their secondary education. Three statements that have become guiding principles for us are as follows:

  • - In the current climate you will not achieve without doing some Postgraduate Studies;

  • - The study years are from 18 to 20;

  • Remember

    - Whatever you start, finish.

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