Mind the Gap……..and don’t slip back!

Renewed emphasis has recently been placed on avoiding the principle of a ‘gap year’. The suggestion is that the idea of taking a break after your exams and before taking up Postgraduate Studies could, at very least, cause you to lose the ground you’ve gained, indeed, you might even lose your initial skills altogether!  So if you’re reading this as having left school this year, but find yourself still deliberating with regard to your postgrad options, then we urge you to lose no further time.  Remember what was once said – that “procrastination is the kidnapper of souls, and the recruiting-officer of hell“!

Positively – you’re in the right place, so you’ve taken the first step!  Evaluate your options on this website if you haven’t already, discuss with your employer and parents—and get started.  All the best for your studies!

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