I want to do a Postgraduate course… what do I next?

Well firstly, pat yourself on the back – you have made a right decision and there is a team behind you with ample resources to help you on your way.

But, the journey is yours and you need to take the steps. The Enrolment Decision Tree, now accessible for download from the link below, is intended to make the first steps simple by guiding you through the various options available:


First stop, then – browse the website.

(You’re already here, so that’s a good start!)

  • Find your way around and look at what’s available.
  • Talk over the options with your employer.
  • Read the guidance documents and the enrolment procedures, which differ depending on the course and provider.
  • Consider the course fees and the amount of time you will need to commit. How will these be managed?
  • Would a distance–learning course suit you and your employer best? For these, you need to enrol yourself and take ownership of the study programme and its completion
  • Perhaps the win-win benefits of an Apprenticeship would be more appropriate. In this case, your employer contracts with the course provider and both of you need to fulfil the obligations needed to secure the funding.
  • Ensure you understand and complete the enrolment procedure.

Need Help?

  • Contact your local PSC or speak to the person named as a contact for the particular course you are enrolling for.
  • Review the FAQs on the website, these are updated on a regular basis.
  • Finally, send an email to postgraduate@focus-school.com.

Stick with it, Enjoy the Journey!

  • This is your study; it’s your future; the qualifications belong to you and the knowledge you gain is yours for life.
  • Make the most of it, get what you can out of the course and most important of all:
  • Become a finisher, make achievement your default setting. Commitments early in life will set you up for success.

What next?

  • Maybe you should consider further study; perhaps take your learning to the next level.
  • This is particularly relevant with courses such as accountancy or law.
  • Otherwise, look seriously at the ABM course. After a couple of years of experience at work and with a PGS qualification under your belt, this is an ideal next step.
  • Will you become one of tomorrow’s leaders?
  • Will you be a major provider for the needs of the oncoming generation because of the study you take up now?

It’s your Learning Journey – Over to You!

NB. The courses we suggest are recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of the providers and a good track record with them. If you find another course which works well, please advise the team and we can check it out for other PGS students.

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