Accounting – 3MAC

  • UBT-developed “accounting course for non-accountants”.
  • The whole aim of this course is to enable anyone to better understand their business financial
    statements, in view of making educated decisions that will positively influence profits, cash flow
    and equity growth.
  • Written using the unique “topdown” approach, meaning you can study it using your own financial
  • Easy reading – we have made every attempt to make the course easy to understand, regardless
    of your level of education.
  • This course is broken up into 12 weeks – 11 lessons then the final examination.


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3 Month Accounting Course (36 hours)

Subject Lesson Overview Recommended Minimum Hours
Introduction Week 1: The Financial Reports 3
Profit & Loss Week 2: Trading Performance 3
Week 3: Break-Even Point 3
Week 4: Profit & Loss KPIs & Key Ratios 3
Balance Sheet Week 5: Equity Growth 3
Week 6: Balance Sheet KPIs & Key Ratios 3
Week 7: Balance Sheet – How to Manage It 3
Other Topics Week 8: Asset Register & Depreciation 3
Week 9: Classification & Validation on Transactions 3
Transactions Week 10: Budgeting for Growth 3
Week 11: Projecting Cash Flow 3
Exam Week! 3

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