Certificate in the Principles of Marketing Level 3

This course forms part of the CAP selection of courses, but is also available to any Postgraduate Students wishing to gain a core understanding of Marketing.

  • The Certificate in the Principles of Marketing (Level 3 equivalent) provides the learner with an insight into the marketing department along with the key concepts and theories that apply to the marketing role.
  • Planning, customer behaviour, segmentation and communication will be covered along with the legal, ethical and regulatory requirements to provide an overview of key principles and the marketing mix.

Online course with the following benefits:

  • Independent study but not isolated
  • Expert tutor support provided throughout
  • Share ideas and participate in interactive modules
  • Watch pre-recorded sessions
  • Test your knowledge and skills along the way
  • Upload your assignments and get tutor feedback and support

Marketing Certificate Level 3 (160 hours)

Learners must complete both modules from the table below.

What you will study:

Module 1
Marketing terminology will be explored in some depth to provide an understanding of marketing in general, the environment and the mix, providing an understanding of how marketing can contribute to organisational strategy and underpin success.
Module 2
Understanding customer behaviour and the importance of good communication will be explored along with the development of marketing plans that understand the required customer relationships and identify the required marketing mix that aligns to the customer’s needs and wants.