Executive Office Skills Level 3

This course forms part of the CAP selection of courses, but is also available to any Postgraduate Students wishing to gain a core understanding of Executive Office Skills.

  • This Course has been designed to enable efficient management of office operations and supervision. You will study the benefits of good customer care, ways of handling complaints, and good practice in personnel administration.
  • This course enables you to become competent as an Executive Personal Assistant and well equipped in daily administrative tasks, planning of projects, forms of communication, and much more.


Executive Office Skills Level 3 (110 hours)

Learners must complete all 5 units from the table below.

Unit Unit Title In This Unit You Will Study:
1 Customer Services

·         Face to Face Contact

·         Dealing with Awkward Customers

·         Where are You?

·         Dealing with Complaints

·         Complaints Policy

·         Do’s and Don’ts of Complaint Handling

·         Is the Customer Always Right?

·         Dangerous Contact

·         Person to Person Contact

2 Personnel Administration

·         Work Cycle

·         Recruitment

·         Interviewing

·         Contract of Employment

·         Personnel File

·         Data Protection

·         Job Description

·         Health & Safety

·         Staff Security

3 Project Management

·         Defining a Project

·         Work Breakdown Structure

·         Choosing your Team

·         Recording the Information

·         Who does What?

·         Gantt Chart

4 Communications

·         Body Language

·         Appearance

·         Language

·         Listening Skills

·         Letter Writing

·         Using the Telephone

·         Getting the Message

5 Training Administration

·         The Training Cycle

·         Who Benefits from Training?

·         Planning Training

·         Preparing Course Materials

·         Training Methods

·         Training Environment

·         Equipment

·         Visual Aids

·         Evaluation

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