Productivity Academy Course

Productivity Academy

Would you like to learn the proven strategies for being highly productive, focused and in control of your time – without working harder or longer hours?

In the Online Productivity Academy you’ll discover…

  • How to prioritise your day in under 5 minutes, so that you can increase you output by up to 200% (this method is NOT what most people are doing)
  • The secret mindset principles that high performers use to get more done than 98% of the people on the planet
  • How to gain control of you inbox in under 10mins (this strategy alone most people say was worth the whole Academy)
  • The best strategies to get crystal clear on your strategic focus and the tools to map this out
  • How to re-charge your energy so that you feel more buoyant and energetic each day
  • How to work effectively with your brain so that you get the most from the way you’re wired
  • How to map out your quarters using The 90 Day Method™ (this will make a world of difference to your strategic momentum)
  • And so, so, so much more…
  • This course includes some very useful self-management templates that can be used and applied for years to come.
Modules Modules Title Module Description
Module 1 Mindset High performance mindset
Module 2 Alignment Clear goals and strategy
Module 3 Implementation Implement faster & easier
Module 4 Energy Get more energy
Module 5 Environment Build support around you
Module 6 Inbox Flow Discover inbox zero
Module 7 Team Flow Work with a team
Module 8 Home Flow Organise your whole life
Module 9 90 Day Plan Make every quarter count
Module 10 The Test Productivity certificate


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