Project Management Level 3

This course forms part of the CAP selection of courses, but is also available to any Postgraduate Students wishing to gain a core understanding of Project Management.

  • • Introductory qualification to the whole field of Project Management.
    • Project management involves a number of interrelated activities which are needed to achieve a specific goal or set of objectives.
    • Online courses.
    • Project Management applies to everyone.





Learners must complete all 8 units from the table below.

Unit Unit Title This Unit will enable you to:
1 What is Project Management?
  • Describe what you understand by the terms ‘project’ and ‘management’
  • Summarise the four phases of the project life cycle
2 Project identification
  • Describe the two important conditions that must be considered
  • Discuss how you would assess projects feasibility, give the most popular methods and say how you would choose an appropriate project feasibility study method
  • Explain the ‘identification test’
3 Project planning
  • Plan parameters and quality
  • Developing a strategy framework
  • Explain the uses and key features of a PERT chart
4 Project implementation
  • Evaluate how a project is prepared for implementation
  • Analyse the following types of chart: Preparation Control Chart; Events Control Chart; Budget Control Chart
  • Define ‘monitoring performance’ and identify the popular following monitoring methods
5 Project completion and evaluation
  • Describe closing procedures a project manager should apply in a project
6 Technical skills
  • Identify the two parties that need to be consulted when preparing a project proposal and give steps to be taken when considering their needs
  • Analyse the following cost headings: Human Resources; Administrative Processes; Materials & Supplies
7 Leadership skills
  • Discuss the responsibility of a project leader and identify attributes of good leadership
  • Summarise the following giving advantages and disadvantages: Autocratic Leadership; Participative Leadership
8 Interpersonal skills
  • Define the techniques that characterise listening and communication giving steps to improve these techniques
  • Describe the five different methods of handling conflict


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